Jason P. Fay - Senior Vice President

James P. Fay is the Senior Vice President at Shore Point Advisors. James focuses on educating individuals, as well as small business owners, in the planning and implementation of wealth strategies, retirement planning, and estate conservation. In 2016, following a 25-year career in the public sector, James became one of the original members of the Shore Point Advisors team. James is excited to bring his work ethic, discipline, and enthusiasm to the private sector.

James entered the financial services industry in 2005 after witnessing firsthand the abuse and lack of education that public sector employees were shown when attempting to implement financial products. As an account representative with a Fraternal Order, James developed a passion for educating and assisting his clients with their financial decisions. 

James received his Bachelor of Science degree from Seton Hall University and completed the Financial Planning Certificate Program at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

When James is not helping his clients avoid financial failure, he spends his time with family and friends. As a married father of three children, James’ time is spent on soccer fields, lacrosse fields, and at ice hockey rinks. He and his wife, Kelly, are avid sports enthusiasts, and they take great pride in watching their children succeed both on and off the athletic field. Because of his firm belief in maintaining good health and wellness, James dedicates his early mornings to working out at the gym.

James P. Fay
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